Understanding the Risks

Stay safe on PerlinX

Use PerlinX at Your Own Risk

Using PerlinX is entirely at your own risk and Perlin is never liable for any losses that may occur when using PerlinX and our UI. Please don't supply assets you can't afford to lose and keep in mind that nothing on our site, PerlinX application or any other communication channels constitutes investment advice.

PerlinX Security

PerlinX is based on new technology and is currently in beta. The security of PerlinX and the smart contracts it is built on are our highest priority and we have conducted a rigorous third-party security audit (see our Quantstamp certificates here and here). Our standard protocol will be to also conduct security audits each time PerlinX is upgraded or materially altered in future. However, it is not possible for such audits to completely eliminate all risks. We strongly recommend that all PerlinX users exercise caution and do their own comprehensive research when deciding whether or not to participate in our Liquidity Pools and Synthetic Asset Generation functions.

Integrations with Other DeFi Applications & Protocols

PerlinX is integrated with other DeFi applications built and operated by third-party projects such as Balancer Labs and UMA Protocol (with others potentially to be added over time). This allows PerlinX users to access the functionality and incentives made available by those other external applications. However, PerlinX users should keep in mind that these integrations do also introduce additional potential risks which are beyond the control of Perlin.

Administrative Function Risks

Perlin does not have access to PerlinX user assets as a non-custodial interface platform. However, Perlin does maintain certain administrative functions, particularly in relation to potentially catastrophic events outside of our control. Whenever possible, we will advise users of any exercise of these administrative functions in advance to minimise or prevent any disruption. We will continue to responsibly and judiciously transition PerlinX to an entirely decentralised and community-led model over time.

Balancer Labs & Uma Protocol

PerlinX gives users access to the products and financial instruments provided by third-party protocols, and these instruments carry risk of devaluation, liquidation and impermanent loss.

Currently, PerlinX is integrated with third-party DeFi protocols built and maintained by Balancer Labs and Uma Protocol. Please read about how these protocols work and the risks associated with using them for yourself.