PerlinX: The Asset Liquidity Engine

Democratizing the trading of real-world assets through decentralized liquidity pools and synthetic asset generation

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Giving PERL immediate and compelling value as a liquidity and collateral asset

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Supply Liquidity and Earn Incentives

PerlinX liquidity pools utilize the Balancer Protocol to stimulate deep liquidity in the PerlinX ecosystem. Through staking PERL, PerlinX users can supply liquidity while simultaneously earning rewards.

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Collateralize and Create Synthetic Assets

PerlinX will be the interface for the creation of synthetic assets of any kind. PERL will be the sole collateral asset for this process. The mechanisms needed to perform this function will be implemented into PerlinX very soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PERL do?

PERL functions as both a liquidity asset and a collateralization asset.

You can stake your PERL to earn incentives and over-collateralize your PERL to create synthetic (px) assets, eg. pxOil, pxCarbon, pxGold

Read more about this in our User Guide.

What are the incentives for Liquidity Providers (LPs)?

A liquidity incentive program will be announced shortly after PerlinX is launched to drive the formation of deep initial liquidity and is a stepping stone towards designing an effective long-term mechanism to incentivize LPs

Discuss future incentive programs with the Perlin team and community in our Discord.

When will I be able to generate synthetic assets on PerlinX?

The team is in the final stages of implementing the mechanisms needed to generate synthetic assets using the PerlinX interface. This will be launched in the coming weeks and is the team's #1 priority.

What's the roadmap for the rest of 2020?

The future of PerlinX will be to narrow the gap between global legacy markets and DeFi, with more support for commodities and digital assets, as well as potentially more complex assets and financial products (pending regulatory approval).

In addition, the team will look into improving the underlying AMM and synthetic asset minting process to enhance capital efficiency, such as adding liquidity-sensitive fees, and using liquidity pool tokens to collateralise debt.

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