Building a More Decentralised & Sustainable Future.

Perlin pioneers disruptive decentralised enterprise tools, network platforms and DeFi ecosystems for more efficient, inclusive and carbon-friendly global digital economies and marketplaces.

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The Asset Liquidity Engine

Democratizing the trading of real-world assets through decentralized liquidity pools and synthetic asset generation.

Bringing international trade into the decentralised digital era

ICC and Perlin are pioneering innovative decentralised trade platforms and enterprise tools for the future of international trade.

Connecting carbon markets to decentralised digital platforms and DeFi ecosystems

Despite explosive ongoing growth, carbon markets remain highly fragmented, illiquid and extremely difficult to access. To solve this problem, ICC and Perlin are supporting projects that generate high-quality carbon assets, which can be easily purchased by individuals and institutions as fungible tokenised digital assets to offset their emissions or traded on highly-liquid digital markets.

Working to solve some of blockchain’s biggest deep tech challenges

Perlin is committed to ongoing R&D to drive innovation and adoption across a number of key verticals, including Wavelet, distributed cloud, open source libraries Noise, Life and others.

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